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Fixed dcc status indicator bug

Numerous bug fixes

What is Zscript?

    Zscript is an awesome ircII script which simplifies many tasks, and also gives you some amount of protection from channel takeover attempts and bans. The many features of Zscript are easily controlable by altering variables in your "personal" file. The most unusual feature of Zscript is its DCC STATUS indicator. This tells you how fast your DCC is going (abort it with esc-A), how much time is left, a nice graphical progress bar, etc. This is also the only script I've ever seen that speeds up DCC SEND from 4%-15% by using an intelligent monitoring system.
Recent updates include:

...and much more is added every day. This script is totally user oriented, ie. if you'd like to see something in Zscript, email me and it'll probably be added!

The latest version is 4.8. I've been using it for quite some time, and find it to work very well. Special thanks to my almost 50 beta testers, especially the beta crowd at St. Olaf! (Remember traying down Skoglund hill?? :) ). Also, special thanks to Ryan Addams (aka Vassago) for writing PhoEniX and SrFrog for writing LiCe. They're nice, but I wanted to write my own.
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Zscript is Copyright © 1994-1999 Peter Handel
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