Go Bob!

Peter F. Handel

*Born 9/3/76
*Pseudonym: Zelix (because of my cousin "Felix"?)
*Graduated from St. Louis' Parkway West Sr. High
*ex-IRC addict: used to be found in #appleiigs
*Author of Apple.Tips.TXT and Zscript
*Major: Mathematics, Physics at St. Olaf College
*Concentration: Computer Science
*Life: Christian! (check out da Four Spiritual Laws)
*Hobbies: Car Audio, computers, water polo, tennis
*More info about me and my favorite verses
*Jump to my Apple II page or my Rush page
*Check out the weather (Yahoos Weather)
*Drool over some awesome cars

Of Course, the Apple II is my favorite computer.
Just take a look at: If you're still not convinced, take a look at other Apple II people's home pages

*Send me, my last-year-roommate, or my current roommate a postcard or virtual flower!

E-Mail: handel@stolaf.edu

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