Friends of mine found on #appleiigs:


(More to come)

Other Apple II users Home Pages on irc #appleiigs!

* Belgorath- Chris dude who runs an isp
* TDO's- Mr. WUMP hook-up (his 2nd page)
* daver's- This leet programmer/outlaw/Aurora insultant/etc.
* GSHacker's- Writes lotsa weird stuff that goes in my system folder
*Jalapeno_'s- Hot Pepper dude & Mello Yello addict
* TheJazz's- Mah FAX hook-up
* Drech's- The leetest Sysadmin...hooked me up
* IRSMan's- The GS Sound dude
*Qbot (The Quote Bot)- Lotsa funni quotes from #appleiigs
* CiderMan's- This Ryan guy
* derek's- The GS/TCP "tied up" guy (Check out his netcam)
* Traycer's- Doc Brian Tao
* notbob's- dude who's getin' a grade for his url and can't spell
* Prisoner's- this guy I've seen on the l33+ LD BBSes
* jsanford's- This guy knows his httpd...wrote GS HTTPd
* Tigersharke- This weird Curt guy...:)
* Yoshi's- nintendo dino
* bryer's- Haven't seen this dude around in a while...

*an irc party.......

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